About Us


About Roca Moda Lifestyle Brand

Roca Moda is a fashion and lifestyle brand that uses the most gorgeous elements of Mother Nature to create things both useful and beautiful.  Roca Moda means “Rock Fashion”. We are inspired by the colors and textures produced by the naturally formed agates, druzy, and other appealing stones. These magnificent elements are carefully fashioned into home goods, jewelry, and other inspirational objects to enhance your body, home and life in new ways every day. We work with skilled artisans to draw out the natural characteristics of each stone; the results are beautiful and useful objects that you will love to keep, display, wear and giveaway to family, friends or that special someone. 

A Brand Celebrating Your Lifestyle

In today’s busy modern world it can be hard to find objects celebrating simplicity, tranquility, and naturalness.; We decided to solve this problem by creating items that cultivated the kind of lifestyle we most wanted to have. We think you will agree that the results are pretty impressive. Instead of following the crowd, we decided to stick close to nature and let the inherent visual appeal of semi-precious stones speak for themselves. 

We pull big gray rocks from the earth and by cutting, polishing and finishing the stones we unleash the beauty hidden inside.  You can capture a one of a kind piece of the natural world.  Each piece is a unique expression of hundreds of thousands of years of pressure, heat, chemistry and time.  We use Agates that are typically produced in ancient volcanic lava.  As the air pockets created fill with microscopic quartz crystals over the millennium, beautiful agates are born.  No two pieces will ever be alike.  We steer clear of adding artificial chemical dyes to our stones. Dyed druzy?  We don’t see a reason for it.  Nature created the beauty and colors of each piece in our collection and we couldn’t find a reason to change a thing.  The warm look of natural agate, petrified wood and druzy pieces will add elegance and natural charm to any interior. 

Every item has been crafted with a balance of usefulness and beauty. We consider the traditional qualities associated with semi-precious stones as we create items such as:

  • Candle holders
  • Bookends
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Coasters
  • Gemstone displays

A Supplier That Shares Your Vision 

Natural materials such as agate, petrified wood, and sparkling druzy are used in the creation of all the pieces we offer; this makes Roca Moda the perfect supplier for wholesalers selling to boutiques, specialty shops, new age shops, spas, natural living centers, and other businesses catering to the holistic needs of community members. We also supply items avidly sought by interior design firms and other fashion-forward organizations. You can feel confident dealing with a company that steers clear of added dyes and other artificial enhancements; our stones never need them. Our druzy sets are artificially enhanced.

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