Jewelry Care & Maintenance

Caring for Jewelry

Jewelry can last a lifetime. In fact, many families have pieces of heirloom jewelry that been passed down for generations. Roca Moda designs are timeless and will perfectly suit any outfit they are worn with. Each piece of Roca Moda jewelry is unique and one of a kind. Because each piece is made from natural stones, make sure you wear with care. Keeping your jewelry in original condition is simple if you make care a normal part of your routine. Clean the gemstones by wiping them with a soft cloth after each wearing to remove dust and moisture. 

It’s best to store each piece in a jewelry box. Keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture. Separate gemstones from touching each other to prevent scratching. This can be done by placing them in separate sections within the jewelry box, using fabric pouches, or wrapping them in separate pieces of soft cloth.

You should remove your jewelry before coming into contact with water. If you get your item wet, be sure to wipe with a dry cloth immediately. All metals including plated metals can tarnish over time from being exposed to sweat, lotions, perfume, and water.

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