Stone Glossary

A Simple Glossary of Stone Terms       

 There are many special terms used to discuss stones and their properties. Knowing a few of these technical terms will make shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry or home décor much simpler and more enjoyable. Wholesalers can also use these terms to communicate with their customers in a precise and meaningful way; being able to accurately describe different stones will help you provide improved customer service to your resale clients.

Important Stone Types and More

  • Agate – A semi-precious stone that comes in a very wide variety of colors and patterns. Agate can range from sandy brown, rusty red, mossy green, and milky white. It is often associated with qualities of longevity, stability, clear thinking, and groundedness.
  • Amethyst – A semi-precious stone that naturally ranges from light lilac purple to dark royal purple. It has a clear, vibrant appearance and is often sold in its natural points. It is associated with qualities of compassion, wisdom, and healing.
  • Green Aventurine - Green aventurine is a good luck stone. It has been said to bring prosperity to one's life.
  • Hematite – A hard, dense, heavy semi- precious stone with a dark grey appearance associated with strength and psychic protection.
  • Jade – A prized stone ranging in color from milky white to rich emerald green. The very best jade is sometimes regarded as a precious stone along with emeralds, diamonds, and others. Associated with healing, nobility, abundance, and immortality.
  • Moonstone – A milky, semi-translucent semi-precious stone that might feature flashes of blue and green. It is associated with qualities such as healing, dreaming, psychic intuition, and energy balancing.
  • Precious stone – A term applied to gemstones that are graded according to an international standard for quality, clarity, color, and other properties. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are among the most popular precious gems.
  • Semi-precious stone – A term applied to gemstones that are assessed by appearance primarily and not by grade. Semi-precious stones are sorted into varieties according to their source, basic mineral composition, and appearance. Many semi-precious stones become highly sought after because they are excellent examples of their type.

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